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I know I've been a bit missing lately, as you all know its OLPAS time, so every ounce of my effort is going into that, dont worry I will be back soon


BVC Clearing Pool 3rd April

If you were not successful in the first round offers for the BVC please remember that there is still time to make an application for the clearing pool which will be available for providers to review from 14:00 on 3rd April 2009.

Good luck everyone.

Pupillage Handbook 2010 UPDATED

Earlier today I received confirmation from the College of Law that they now have copies of the handbook for collection from the careers office.

No doubt this is the case for the other handbook suppliers.

Pupillage Handbook 2010

There appears to be a delay in the distribution of the Pupillage Handbook 2010.

I have been unable to get a copy from the College of Law, Middle Temple or the Bar Council.

However after contacting the distributors of the handbook, they have ensured me that copies will be sent out and available to students any day now.

OLPAS Changes

The Bar Council has just confirmed potential changes to the OLPAS form for 2009.

Instead of the two seasons, Summer and Autumn, there will now be just the Summer Season and then a Clearing Session replacing the Autumn Season.

The changes will include:

1. A new application form - This is essentially the same as the previous OLPAS form, but allowing you to tailor some questions on the application form to the chambers to which you are applying for.

Candidates will now be able to add any additional information that they think is relevant or write a covering letter.

FRU Training Day Announcements January & February 2009

This is a copy of an email I was sent from FRU:

Dear Prospective Representative,

I am pleased to announce that the Training days are now available to book.

Employment - Saturday 31st January 2009

Social Security - Saturday 7th February 2009

Once you attend the training day, you will need to attend one of the proceeding test dates. There will be 3 test dates available, one each week at the end of February. We will announce these dates within the next couple of days.

TARGET National Pupillage Fair -2009

This event will take place at Lincoln's Inn, London on Saturday 14th March 2009 between 10.30am & 3.00pm

The fair allows students seeking pupillages to meet with chambers, BVC course providers and funding providers.

You will also be given a copy of the Pupillages Handbook - an essential for anyone applying for pupillage.

To find out who is exhibiting and to pre-register online go to

Inn of Court Grand Day Dinner -Dress code

The Grand Day Dinner is held once in each of the four terms, when it is customary for the judges and other distinguished visitors to dine with the benchers (who sit apart from the barristers and students.) It is one of the most extravagant dinners held by the Inn during the year.

The most important thing that the ladies attending the dinner will want to know is the dress code. Although the event is listed as a black tie event, this is one of the most ambiguous dress codes in relation to woman’s wear.

NEW CPE/GDL Inn of Court Scholarship deadline

The closing date for CPE/GDL scholarship applications is usually the 30 April of the year in which you’re CPE/GDL is taken up.

The Next date for scholarship applications to reach Middle Temple is 30 April 2009.

NEW Inn of Court scholarship deadline

The deadline to apply for an Inn of Court scholarship is usually the 1st Friday in November (for the BVC in the following academic year).

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