Summer Work Experience !

Well it's summer and once again I’ve been trying to get legal based work experience to;
a) Help me decide whether I want to be a barrister (Which I think I do) or solicitor, and
b) Improve my CV.

So I sent out what felt like a hundred letters and emails (slight exaggeration) and spent quite a bit of money on stamps and envelops. But it's all paid off I have been offered 2 mini pupillages where I will be shadowing a barrister in court and chambers. The first is in June and the second in July, both in London and both a week long. I am also looking to work in the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and maybe Victims Support (VS) as my careers department said these carry out the basic work of a solicitor i.e. giving advice.

So now I just need to:
1) Find somewhere to live in London for 2 separate weeks.
2) Get in touch with CAB and VS to see what they both entail.
3) Try and find some more paid work to get me through summer.
4) Try and get work with solicitors too.
5) Oh and pass my exams.

Edited: Note to those thinking of applying to CAB or VS apply way in advance of the summer holidays as it turns out this is when both orgs get most of their applications from volunteers.

Also CAB provides a great service and needs people who can commit a certain number of hours so check out what will be required of you before applying.