OLPAS Results

At the beginning of the week I had one pupillage rejection under my belt and by the end of the week I had six.

Impressively one of the chambers took the time to construct and send out a physical rejection letter. The rest came via email through the OLPAS email confirmation system. Some of which were very apologetic and sincere, wishing me future success whilst others where more straight to the point.

My next step is to contact the chambers I have already heard from asking for any specific reasons for being rejected.

Edit: 28/08/2008 After talking to people in similar situations many reported back that a lot of chambers due to the sheer number of applications they received could not offer any specific reasons for rejections.

However I still strongly recommend that applicants get in touch with chambers concerning reasons for rejection as any feedback could provide valued insight into the pupillage selection process and help to establish any weaknesses in their OLPAS application forms.