Inn of Court Grand Day Dinner -Dress code

The Grand Day Dinner is held once in each of the four terms, when it is customary for the judges and other distinguished visitors to dine with the benchers (who sit apart from the barristers and students.) It is one of the most extravagant dinners held by the Inn during the year.

The most important thing that the ladies attending the dinner will want to know is the dress code. Although the event is listed as a black tie event, this is one of the most ambiguous dress codes in relation to woman’s wear.

After many inquires to acquaintances and the Inn itself the dress code was just as uncertain and ambiguous as before, so a 'play it safe' strategy was implemented in the guise of a halter neck, floor length, black gown with a black bolero jacket/shrug to ensure minimal shoulder exposure.

However when I arrived at the dinner I was surprised just how diverse the black tie dress code had been interpreted. I saw ladies in mid length dresses, floor length dresses, short dresses and short, short dresses. Shoulders and backs were displayed proudly and dress colours ranged from black to pink.

Overall anything went and it was a great site to see the diversity.

The men’s interpretation also differed from all shades of cumber buns and bows ties in colours ranging from white to red.

I hope this article has helped give those attending a black tie dinner event some idea of what to wear.