Inns of Courts 'Training the Practitioners' Day

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to play a witness for the Inn of Courts 'Training the Practitioners' Day. The day is designed to offer extra advocacy training for those already in practice by giving them a case scenario and having them prepare it as if preparing for an actual trial or hearing, from opening to closing speeches. The event was held for both civil and criminal practitioners.

As part of my role as a civil witness I had to learn the information in the bundle, including the role play instructions.

The day provided a great insight into the different styles and techniques adopted by each practitioner in conferences, opening speeches, closing speeches, cross examination and examination -in-chief.

It was surprising to see that different advocates displayed different levels of competency in each of the areas referred to above. For example those advocates clearly skilled and gifted in cross-examining witnesses struggled noticeably when conducting their examinations-in-chief.

The day overall left me with an eye opening realisation that there is no limit to the development of ones advocacy skills, there is always something that can be improved upon or adapted to make you a stronger advocate.

I would highly recommend volunteering for this event if you get the opportunity, it is the equivalent of attending court and observing the advocates in practice, with the added benefit of being on the receiving end of those advocacy techniques and the opportunity (without gaining a criminal record) to be involved in the trial process.