Buy a reply..

Whilst searching for information on chambers for my pupillage applications, I spotted a few sites that claim to provide a service helping write responses for your application form.

This in turn drew my attention to the Bar Council's warning on the front page of the pupillage portal.

"The Bar Council is aware of companies operating via the internet who offer to write pupillage applications and provide other services to assist with applications and interviews. We strongly advise applicants that it is likely to be detrimental to their applications to use any service containing customised model entries or answers on application forms or for interview. We have warned chambers about their existence and to be alert to their use."

It strikes me that anyone using these services, is going to have a problem the second they get to the interview stage, as a good interviewer is likely to ask them about the content of the their application, in depth, to get a real feel for their beliefs or values, which will either come over insincere, or conflict with their application.

Either way, I have made it this far on my own merits, and its not been easy, the last thing I'm going to do now is stop!