Court Visit

As a form of revision for my Advocacy 2 & 3 exams I took a trip to my local Crown Court to see how the professionals do it.

The first obstacle was choosing a court where an actual trial would be taking place. This is where came in handy as it had many of the court listing for that day and even the updated lists.

Once arriving at court I got to witness firstly the different 'at the courtroom door' conferences between barristers and clients and secondly how different clients reacted from the overly confident to the extremely nervous.

The case I viewed was a fraud and deception case involving the use of falsified documents to obtain passports and driving licences.

This is were I think the legal education and training from degree to BVC level is really put into a practical and useful context. I got to witness not only the trial itself but also the different applications that can arise at any time during a criminal trial from bad character application to a 'no case to answer' submission.

I really think that the emphasis on law students to go a sit in court and view the whole courtroom process is seriously underrated. Also the more you learn about the law either academically or practically the more you gain from actually viewing courtroom cases as you understand what’s going on and have the knowledge and understanding to critique the different performances you see.