Keep the results coming

Thank you everyone who has helped with the Chambers data. It has been nice to see that the lack of reply is in fact normal for some Chambers, and I am hoping that you are getting something from the results too.

There are also some interesting results, QEB still seems odd to me, with more interviews than rejects! I think the rest is as expected, a lot with interviews and rejects going out at the same time. It is my guess that the ones that are Red and green are holding off to see how interview take-up is.

Up to today, we didn't have any with all three colours, my guess is that they are doing the calls today, and i'd expect the greens to go away over time if people continue to update.

On that note.

The numbers indecate around 260 entries from 33 students, so that’s about 8 entries each, suggesting some people aren't entering the details of chambers they have NOT heard from. This data is just as important, and i'd urge you to go and fill in the form again, if you didn't enter the "No Reply" chambers to your list.

Also, when you hear anything new, updating the form will change the dynamic, to tell others results are starting to roll in.

Thanks again guys. And anyone that has other thoughts about the results, please comment here, these views are my first thoughts, and may not reflect what is happening, any insight would be great!