If the work won't come to the BVC graduate, then what?

I've completed the BVC and been called by my Inn so with no pupillage insight for 2010 what am I to do.

Well I' am sure everyone else in a similar position are feeling the same thing and with the legal job market being more than saturated by people of all career levels looking for work at the moment it is understandable that some people might be feeling down hearted.

However if you are in this position then please do not worry your self sick. There are other opportunities out there, until that perfect job comes alone, to keep you and your CV up to date.

The obviouse one is voluntering. There are many organisations which need volunteers and many that are more suited to law students. The trick is to research. Yes just like chambers you should research your voluntary options and ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do I really want to do this type of voluntary work? -if your not interested in the work the less likely you will stick at it, especially without the incentave of a pay packet at the end of it.
2. How is this work relevent to the areas I want to practice in? -finding work experience relevent to the areas of law your choosen chambers undertakes will make it easy for you to demonstrate your comitment to that area and will give you invalble work exprience that others applicatns wontr have.
3. What do I want to gain from this experience? -whether it be making contacts in the legal industry or keeping up-to date with criminal law, by having an oblective of want you want to get out of your voluntary work will keep you motivated and your work relevent to your interests.