Legalgirl Gets a Make-Over

To all existing and new users: Welcome to the new site.

As with the ever adapting Legal system, legalgirl is also moving with the times.

The new website still contains many of it's original features, however new features include a 'rolling' front news page which allows users to easily see all the latest information loaded onto the site, but the one I am most excited about is the new 'Users Blog’ section(located in the top, right hand corner).

This section gives users the opportunity to make their own contributions on all things law related. This could be either submitting articles on topics you feel strongly about, maybe a question and answer forum to ask all those niggling legal questions or simply somewhere to publish content so you can evidence this in your pupillage/training contract applications.

I hope you enjoy using the new site and would love to hear any comments/thoughts on things that could be improved or anything you would like to see added.