2011 Pupillage Portal Opens

The 2011 Pupillage Portal timetable has been released.

The first-round of applications opens this year on Wednesday 30 March 2011 and closes at 11am on Thursday 28 April 2011. Details of the suggested timetable are as follows:

First-round applications

30/03/11 - 28/04/11

Students can now begin to upload their data and to submit their applications to their chosen sets of chambers.

First-round applications under consideration

05/05/11 - 06/09/11

Chambers are now permitted to process those Student Applications sent to their organisation. Students can now only amend and submit their "clearing" application. NO further first round applications may be made.

First-round offers

02/08/11 - 06/09/11

Chambers are now permitted to make pupillage offers.

First-round closed

06/09/11 - 22/09/11

Candidates now have two weeks to consider any outstanding /last minute offers. No further offers may be made.

Candidate applications to clearing

01/03/11 - 27/09/11

Candidates may submit an application to the Clearing Pool. Those accepting an offer of pupillage will have their applications automatically withdrawn.

Off season


Pupillage Portal system closes for the year.
Non-member pupillages must still be advertised on the system.

Please note that candidates should always cross check the above timetable with that set out on the pupillage portal website.