2010 Target Pupillage Fair

The 2010 Pupillage Fair will be taking place at Lincoln’s Inn, London on Saturday 6 March between 10.30 am and 3.00 pm.

The event is now in its 12th year and is the only national event for students to gain a valuable insight into life at the Bar.

It is recommended, to save time on the day, to pre-register online at:


Note: If anyone would like to write and article or blog about their experiences on the day then leave a comment on this post and one of the legalgirl team will get back to you.

If the work won't come to the BVC graduate, then what?

I've completed the BVC and been called by my Inn so with no pupillage insight for 2010 what am I to do.

Well I' am sure everyone else in a similar position are feeling the same thing and with the legal job market being more than saturated by people of all career levels looking for work at the moment it is understandable that some people might be feeling down hearted.

However if you are in this position then please do not worry your self sick. There are other opportunities out there, until that perfect job comes alone, to keep you and your CV up to date.

Am I a barrister yet?

You've completed 12 qualifying sessions at your Inn, successfully passed the BVC and been called to the Bar but, without a pupillage, what are you? A barrister?

I had this exact problem, I'd completed the BVC, was call to the Bar and was now deemed a barrister. However trying to explain to family, friends or employers that I am a barrister, but can't stand up in court and do the arguing and representation bit, was more than a little confusing.

Commenting has changed

Due to the large amount of spam this site has recieved over the past couple of months I have been forced to change the comment settings.

From now on all comments will have to be reviewed before they are posted onto the site. This means that comments will not automatically appear once they have been submitted but will appear once they have been approved.

However if you are a regular commentor and I have approved you three or four times the system will start to autoprove you and your comments will appear immedialty after being submitted.

Returning a brief

I was doing a bit of research on the Bar Council Website and came across this PC type question and found the answer a little surprising.

Q. My clerk has accepted a brief for me to appear in court at a time when I am booked to be on holiday. Can I return the brief?

Law Courts

when you visit the many courts and magistrate buildings in London it is very easy to be blind to their beauty and to forget how magnificent and stunning these buildings actually are.

Yes these buildings are 'important' because of the work that goes on within them but the craftsmanship and architectural design makes these structures much more than just legal buildings instead they are works of art that are taken very much for granted.


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ASBO law update

There has been a recent development/confirmation regarding the burden of proof in cases involving asbo breaches.

The Law

S.1(10) Crime and Disorder Act 1999 makes it a criminal offence to breach an ASBO, it states:

"If without reasonable excuse a person does anything which he is prohibited from doing by an Anti Social Behaviour Order, he is guilty of an offence."

Apparently there was uncertainty as to who bore the legal burden, the Crown or the defence, of proving whether a defendant acted 'without reasonable excuse'.

Case Law

Chambers results updated

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