Court Visit

As a form of revision for my Advocacy 2 & 3 exams I took a trip to my local Crown Court to see how the professionals do it.

The first obstacle was choosing a court where an actual trial would be taking place. This is where came in handy as it had many of the court listing for that day and even the updated lists.

Once arriving at court I got to witness firstly the different 'at the courtroom door' conferences between barristers and clients and secondly how different clients reacted from the overly confident to the extremely nervous.

Legal Action Heroes

I was having a conversation with beagle about 'BabyBarista' after discovering his identity, and then it occurred to me that with names such as 'Legalgirl', 'beagle' and 'BabyBarista' we sounded like a band of Legal Action Heroes.

Feel free to add your own Legal Action Hero suggestions.

When Cases Go Bad

On a recent court visit I got to see the difficulties that a barrister can experience when faced with either a weak case or a very difficult client and its effects on both the barristers out of court preparation and in court performance.

In the case I viewed the defence barrister had both these hurdles to overcome. Firstly the evidence against his client was very strong and secondly the client was not being honest, kept changing his story and forcing his barrister to take fresh and contradicting instructions frequently.

New - News Aggregator

Look left, and you'll see a new menu item has arrived. Its a news aggregator, which takes news from many law releated web sites and puts them into one big list, on one page.

You should be able to get a feel for the article from the news agrigated on this page, to decide if you want to go to the site and read on.

I know a few Blog writers have the opinion that sending people off to other blogs is silly, as they may not come back to the original site, but my plan is to make the site usefull, and missing out content doesn't work for me.

OLPAS - 23 hours extra

If this concerns you, chances are you know about this already!

'Due to the unprecedented volume of data being submitted to the system the applications DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED.
The application deadline is now 1.00 pm Friday 1 May.'

So, everyone has an extra 23 hours to submit their OLPAS applications, SO get typing!

Buy a reply..

Whilst searching for information on chambers for my pupillage applications, I spotted a few sites that claim to provide a service helping write responses for your application form.

This in turn drew my attention to the Bar Council's warning on the front page of the pupillage portal.

Legalgirl Missing...

I know I've been a bit missing lately, as you all know its OLPAS time, so every ounce of my effort is going into that, dont worry I will be back soon


BVC Clearing Pool 3rd April

If you were not successful in the first round offers for the BVC please remember that there is still time to make an application for the clearing pool which will be available for providers to review from 14:00 on 3rd April 2009.

Good luck everyone.

Pupillage Handbook 2010 UPDATED

Earlier today I received confirmation from the College of Law that they now have copies of the handbook for collection from the careers office.

No doubt this is the case for the other handbook suppliers.

Pupillage Handbook 2010

There appears to be a delay in the distribution of the Pupillage Handbook 2010.

I have been unable to get a copy from the College of Law, Middle Temple or the Bar Council.

However after contacting the distributors of the handbook, they have ensured me that copies will be sent out and available to students any day now.

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